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Teletherapy is effective and convenient

Maria, our founder, after presenting about teletherapy at the ASHA national convention

Why should I choose A Plus Speech?

Our licensed and certified team of speech-language pathologists are experts in communication disorders. We are experienced in providing teletherapy. 

Each A Plus therapist:

  • Holds a master’s degree in communication sciences and disorders
  • Completed post-graduate training
  • Participate in ongoing education
  • Receive advance training in individual specialties 
  • ASHA Certified

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is online therapy that uses live, video conferencing as a medium for providing therapy. You stay home and sign-on to an online speech therapy session. It is fun, interactive, and effective!

How does teleltherapy work?

Receiving teletherapy treatment is really simple. All you need is a computer with speakers or headset, a web camera and high speed internet. You don’t need any special software or apps.

Why should I choose teletherapy over in office visits?

Save time. Convenient. Effective. Teletherapy is an innovative and effective solution that overcomes barriers such as distance, time, and impaired mobility. You now have the option for your child to receive therapy from experts outside of your local area.

Is teletherapy effective for my child?

It depends. There are specific disorders and conditions that teletherapy is very effective for. There are other situations where in-office is a better option. We need to evaluate on a case by case basis.