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Our Specialties


The use of alternative communication via low-tech and/or high-tech devices for individuals diagnosed with severe speech, language and/or cognitive difficulties.

Accent Modification

Service provided to modify foreign or regional accent in order to increase intelligibility.

Apraxia of Speech

Motor speech disorder in which the child has difficulty planning motor movements for the sounds, syllables or words they want to say.


Ability to use developmentally appropriate speech sounds.



Swallowing disorder affecting the ability to swallow foods safely. We use Vital Stim-NMES to treat swallowing disorders. 

Expressive Language

Ability to use verbal language for communication of wants and needs using the adequate grammar and vocabulary

Early Intervention

Early intervention promotes the function & engagement of infants, toddlers and their families. This service is offered for children under the age three.

Feeding Disorder

Difficulty with feeding skills. Usually related to oral-motor weakness, reduced coordination and/or sensory processing difficulties.

Fluency Disorder

Ability to use verbal language for communication of wants and needs using the adequate grammar and vocabulary

Language Maintenance

Our three month language maintanece program is ideal of clients who want to complete a quick course of language therapy to prevent regression of skills previously learned.  

Parent Group Services​

Interactive class designed for parents & children. We focus on child development between the ages of 1 and 3. Let us know if you are interested in hosting a class at your next parent group.

Pragmatic Language

Ability to use and understand language functions for socially accepted interactions with communication partners.

Receptive Language

Ability to comprehend spoken or written language in order to adequately follow directions, answer questions and problem solve. 

Teletherapy Services

Teletherapy uses live, video conferencing as a medium for providing therapy. You stay home and sign-on to an online speech therapy session. It is fun and interactive. 

Voice Disorder

Vocal quality impairment which can cause hoarseness, inappropriate pitch, poor breath support and inadequate loudness.