Language Development: 12-24 months

Language Development: 12-24 months

Language development is important for future social and academic success. Vocabulary and communications skills can be good indicators of a child’s future school performance. It is never too early to teach words. In this post, I talk about what your child’s language should look like between 12 and 24 months.

Ready Set…..GO! 12 months – 24 months

Your sweet pea is growing up fast and you are noticing changes all the time. Here’s the language you should expect between 12-24 months of age.

12-24 monthsLanguage Development: Comprehension/Receptive Language

When reading books or looking at pictures, your baby will begin to point to common items when you name them. For example, “where’s the apple?” Furthermore, you’ll notice that your child will comprehend more and more questions and commands such as, “give me a kiss” and “where’s your cup?” When looking at books, your child will begin to point to pictures so that you can name them for him/her.

The ability to identify body parts is emerging and your little one will get better and better at showing you his eyes, nose, mouth, hands, etc. Your child will also begin to improve attention. You’ll notice an increase in sustained attention to stories and songs from about 1-2 minutes at 12 months to approximately 6 minutes at 24 months.

12-24 monthsLanguage Development: Talking/Expressive Language

Oh my goodness! The first words! Pure Joy! The emergence of new words begins here. From now on you will hear new words every month and your baby will frequently practice words he/she likes. You will hear lots of chatter, which should include a mixture of nonsense words and real words.

When you listen to your child you will hear a wide variety of consonants especially at the beginning of words. Eventually, your baby will begin to put two words together like, “let’s go” and “mommy juice.” Your little one is inquisitive and he/she will begin to ask questions like, “what’s that?” and “Sam go?”

What can you do to help your child improve language skills between 12-24 months?

There is a lot you can do! Check out the “Toddler Talking Strategies” post for ideas. Also, check out Therapy Ideas for weekly activities to do with your child.

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