Speech Delay at Age 2? Don’t “Wait and See.”

Speech Delay at Age 2? Don’t “Wait and See.”

When children have a suspected speech delay it is important to receive an evaluation from a Speech-Language Pathologist. I often hear parents come into my office saying “I would have come sooner but it was recommended that I “wait and see” if my child would catch up on his own.

During the speech and language evaluation, you will learn if there is in fact a delay and if your child qualifies for therapy. The speech-language pathologist will provide you with strategies to start implementing at home in order to improve communication skills. It is never too early to receive information about how to improve speech and language skills. There is no harm in learning.

What is a speech delay?

  • not making a variety of sound by 8-10 months
  • not babbling by 12 months
  • not using gestures at 12 months
  • doesn’t show you toys or point to desired objects by 15 months
  • doesn’t consistently respond to his name when called by 12-15 months
  • doesn’t have at least 5 words by 15 months
  • does not know at least 3 body parts by 18 months
  • doesn’t use about 100 words by of age 2 and 1/2
  • doesn’t use at about 200 words by end of age 2
  • not using two words together at age 2

Language by the end of Age 2

Your little one should know a lot! A surprising amount! Here are some facts:

  • makes a variety of sounds and babbles by 8-10 months
  • uses between 5-10 words by 12-15 months
  • responds almost all the time when you call his name by 12-15 months
  • by 18 months should be using between 25-50 words consistently
  • by 18 months should be “talking” all the time even if not real words
  • beginning age 2 uses two words together (mommy go, more milk)
  • by end of age 2 knows approximately 200 words
  • by end of age 2 uses more words than gestures to communicate
  • by end of age 2 can demonstrate joint attention with other children

Check out this video on YouTube for a nice summary of language milestones and red flags by the end of age 2: